About Us


PRS provides a complete range of waste solutions to tailor to you and your business no matter how large or small.
We are experts in providing you better, cleaner, greener, cheaper ways to dispose of your unwanted plastic.

We are also a local fully licensed waste food collector and processor based in Cardiff and have been for over 40 years now (DEFRA ABP Lic. No. 57/072.8026ABP/REN and NRW Waste Haulier License No. CBDU5313). As licensed Cat 3 renderers we process a wide variety of food, packaging and contaminated buckets/drums.

The food is processed in
Cardiff using Method 1 and is recycled to AD plants for energy. We are regulated by DEFRA.

Don't hesitate to ask us for a quote on your waste plastic, we are always happy to answer and questions you may have.