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We want to help you reach and exceed your recycling targets.

Your plastic does not have to be washed, we have the capability to recycle food contaminated waste plastics. The good thing is we are able to process and recycle both the food waste and the container.

The dirtier the better – we can clean highly food and oil/fat contaminated waste plastics.

All colours of plastics recycled.

We can recycle redundant or damaged containers, such as dolavs, IBCs, barrels, drums, buckets etc.

Here at PRS we specialise in the processing and recycling of both clean and dirty (usually food and fat contaminated) PP and HDPE plastics of all sizes. We have a dedicated plant with the purpose built capability to sort, clean, shred, remove metals and other contaminants, then granulate the plastic waste. A plant which enables us to provide high quality plastic regrinds to the plastics industry for use in re-manufacture of recycled products.

If you need advice on identification of your waste plastic types, please use our contact page with your enquiry and we will happily help you.

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